Tuesday, June 08, 2010


TimeGT is a promising new multi-platform (Java-based) app: freeware for Windows, Mac or Linux. It offers secure online and offline access through a desktop application.TimeGT supports the Getting Things Done (GTD) Method and it is possible to organize tasks, ideas and notes in numerous ways. You can assign  unlimited depth subprojects for increased clarity for your projects. Tags are also supported to add appropriate context to tasks.

There is a free (rabbit) and a paid (hedgehog) service associated with TimeGT. The paid plan offers also server-supported sync, and automatic continuous backup.

 Here is a video review of the application:

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I conceived this blog basically to share my visual side notes of the Getting things done process. My most recent posts about GTD software and related topics have “masked” the original posts.

You can access most GTDrawings in the archive of december 2005 and january 2006.

Here's a miniature with most of my sketches: this is what you will find, commented and in larger sizes, in those previous posts.

See also the article about GTD drawings.

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