Friday, June 04, 2010

Goals on Track

GoalsOnTrack is a paid online service, focused towards goal setting and features an intuitive dashboard to access all its functions. Its goal tracking and assessment are outstanding, with complete vision board, habits tracker, goal journal, progress review and reports. It also includes full-featured task management and data synchronization.

Here is a rundown of the many features of GOT:

Goal Setting
  • Create SMART goals
  • Upload your own pictures for goals
  • Mark goals as accomplished
  • Put goals on back burner to deal with them later
  • View goal status and progress at a glance
  • Reorder goals
  • Assign your own categories for goals
  • View goals by categories

  • Show status and progress of active goals
  • Display tasks due today, tomorrow, this week and next week
  • Display overdue tasks
  • Display completed tasks
  • Display tasks by goal categories
  • Update goal progress when complete task
  • Animated timer trackers for each task
  • Re-schedule or delete a task
  • Reorder tasks to create priorities

Task Management
  • Add/Edit/Re-schedule task with in-place editor
  • Assign due date with quick date picker
  • Add tags, notes to task
  • Assign priorities for tasks
  • Track task time and progress
  • Create recurring task
  • Move task to different goals
  • Create subtasks to task
  • View tasks by goal categories, due dates

Vision Board, Day Planner Sheet
  • Show vision board on active goals
  • Random transitional effects between goal pictures
  • Print day planner sheet with goals and due tasks
  • Customize planner print-out to show tasks only

Habits Tracker
  • Add/Edit/Delete habits
  • Calendar to put checkmarks on your habits
  • Automatically track your habit strength
  • Group habits into "New" or "Formed" categories

Goal Journal
  • Keep a journal for goals
  • Add/Edit journal entries with in-place editor
  • View journal entries by month
  • Encrypted journal entry content
  • View journal entries by goals
  • Search for journal entries by keywords
  • Add tags to journal entries

Progress and Reports
  • Show detailed goal progress in area charts
  • Show goal progress by different time periods
  • Show time usage reports in 3D pie charts
  • Reports on time spent on goals
  • Reports on time spent by goal categories
  • Show reports by different time periods

Data Syncing & User Settings
  • Edit account info and time zone
  • Customize page title and heading
  • Change email reminder settings
  • Import and export tasks in CSV, iCal formats

GOT membership costs $4 per month if paid yearly, or $9.95 per month if paid monthly.
Link: Goals on Track

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