Thursday, June 11, 2009


GTD Agenda is an online organizer based on the GTD method. I have had it listed on the sidebar for a while, but I haven't tried it out until recently.

You can try it out or sign up for a basic or a premium (pro) account here. Unlike other applications commented here before, this is a paid service, starting at $4.45/month for the basic plan.

Extra care has been taken to provide a frawework consistent with the GTD method, with:
  • Goals to concentrate your effort and move you in a direction;
  • Contexts where or how a task is accomplished. By default, GTDAgenda comes populated by just a few contexts, but it is very easy to add as many new contexts as you need. You usually prefix them with the “at” (@) sign to keep them grouped together;
  • Projects sets of actions, that map to one of your goals;
  • Tasks and Next Actions break out each project into specific actionable items;
  • Schedules
  • Checklists in weekly, monthly of year frames, with priority scale;
  • Calendar for important reminders, you can also use it as tickler file. It can be hooked to an online iCal calendar for easy synchronization with other calendars or online organizers.

There is a someday / maybe folder and an Archive / reference folder, but they don't seem to appear in the sidebar. (only contexts and next actions are listed there). However, you can access these folders in any of the items you add to next actions or projects. A workaround to have a list of those missing items could be to create a “project” for each category named respectively someday/maybe and archive.

Whenever you need a list of actions, goals or any other item, you can print it out or send by email.

GTDAgenda provides mobile access in a specific url ( and it can also be integrated with Twitter.

For team / collaborative organization, you can invite other users to get them into your contact list.

Support options
You can browse or participate in the forum, request support by email with an online form. It is advisable to read first some of the help articles and usage examples. The help is comprehensive and you will find specific articles like Use Gtdagenda to implement Getting Things Done (GTD) by David Allen, Make Gtdagenda a part of your 7 Habits for becoming Highly Effective, How to implement Zen To Done (ZTD) with Gtdagenda, How to use Gtdagenda for the Gym, How to use Gtdagenda for School or How to use Gtdagenda for Software Development.

What could be improved?
  • Include more pre-filled contexts by default and example database files, so you can customize and start using it faster.
  • Print options are a bit limited. You should be able to customize the printouts.
  • A private RSS for any of the lists or queries in the organizer would be great for those who keep an eye on their RSS reader.
  • An export / import utility to have your data backed up, or transferred to and from other desktop or mobile applications.
  • The look of the application. This is a very personal opinion, but an appealing interface encourages you to use the application and enjoy more the task of getting organized. A suggestion: include different skins and theme switching in future updates of GTDAgenda.

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