Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chandler: integrated information manager / organizer

A Java- based, cross organizer available for MacOSX, Linux and Windows, Chandler
aims at being an integrated approach to information management. Its quick Entry Bar with smart date parsing lets you enter everything from ideas to reminders and meetings, so you can efficiently capture any thought. Triage Lists let you manage everything from deadlines and meetings to drafts and ideas. Incorporated tickler Alarms to auto-re-focus deferred items to NOW, and a wealth of sync tools for Calendaring | Organization | Web Access | Sharing. See the short video description to the left.

Some of Chendler’s features include:

Integrated Calendaring
Manage, preview and add to your Calendar, without having to go to the Calendar:
  • Schedule Tasks on your Calendar
  • Turn Reminders into Events on the Calendar
  • Prepare for Meetings by tracking them from the Triage List
  • Preview what's on your calendar in the Mini-Cal Preview Pane
  • Create Events from the Quick Entry Bar
Each Collection comes with a Calendar View so you can easily maintain multiple Calendars.

Rich Calendaring Features
  • Color-code and Overlay multiple Calendars
  • Recurring events
  • Time zones
  • Alarms
  • Day, Week and Month Views
  • Mini-Calendar with Busybars and Preview Pane
  • Share your Calendars or Create a Group Calendar

Flexible Organization
Organize information into Multiple Contexts By project, by people, by importance, by status, on your calls list, on your calendar, on your task list, on your spouse's task list...
  • Gather Notes and Events into Collections you define
  • Drag and Drop them into as many Collections as you see fit
  • Triage items in each Collection into NOW-LATER-DONE sections.
  • Easily maintain a Calendar for each Collection
  • Star important Notes and Events
  • Filter your collections to see only Starred Notes and Events

Back up and Web Access
  • Access your data from the web thru Chandler Hub
  • Sync Chandler across multiple computers
  • Sync your Apple, Google and Mozilla Calendars
  • Add new items to Chandler from iGoogle
  • Set up Chandler IMAP Folders to download email

Sharing and Collaboration
Share collections to:
  • Share your Personal Calendar
    • Maintain a Group Calendar
    • Collaborate on Drafts
    • Maintain Checklists together
    • Brainstorm as a group
  • See who's done what in shared Collections
  • Share Calendars with Apple iCal, Mozilla Cal users
  • Subscribe to Google Calendars
  • Give others access to collections from the web
  • Send Notes and Invitations to others by email...
  • Edit and re-send sent items with Updates
Chandler Desktop is free and it is available in English, German, Finnish, French, Swedish and coming soon in Portuguese. Find out more in the product tour and the comprehensive documentation and help in their website.

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