Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Creative vision: a mindmap

Here is an ongoing mindmap I’ve been annotating with what I think are the keys for personal creativity. You could certainly expand this web more and more, but some of these ideas are worth considering.

The image can be enlarged at a mouse click, but I also have some other goodies for you if you wish to take a closer look or even use it as a starting point for your own version:
All of these versions have been generated from a single master file in the Open-source program FreeMind.

I hope you find some stimulating idea in this map!

Mind maps, concept maps and related diagrams are a very good tool not only for creativity, but also for organization. You get a bird’s view of the whole project and the associated tasks. And there is a variety of Mind Maps Books you can check out.


ParisBreakfasts said...

I looks like you have to be orderly to do this mind mapping... good for us messy ones :(

ottoblotto said...

wow! such organization! I'm impressed. I shudder to think what a map of my mind would look like. a bird's nest, most likely...

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