Monday, November 20, 2006

My personal GTD workflow

click the image to see a bigger version
This image (click it to see a bigger version) represents the practicalities of my normal organisation system. As you can see, I try to keep it as simple as possible. Otherwise, you must spent your time organising your organisation!

Both the digital and the paper-based sections are equally important for me, but I could skip either the digital or the paper compartments if necessary. If I only needed the digital tools, for example if most of my projects were done in the computer, I probably would need fewer printouts and I could even get rid of the paper organiser, except for the occasional to-do list and other kinds of reminder lists. Similarly, if I seldom used the computer, I would work it out only using the paper-based tools on the outside of the circle.

This method seems to work for me. Note I have put the ThinkingRock program as the centerpiece of the digital section, but you could use other GTD-centric applications as well, either alone or in combination. The list on the right side, GTD-relevant links, points to some of these solutions. But as I said, I prefer the leanest option available, and I prefer using a single program in a single instance (running from an USB drive.)

Feel free to download the bigger graphic and use it with a Creative Commons Licence.

Of course: I would like to hear your opinions. Is your system even simpler? Do you have some brilliant hack? What do you think?


formless said...

Awesome Stuff!

DanGTD said...

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Hope you like it.

Sarah Hall said...

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