Thursday, November 16, 2006

Clear mind: the mind as water state

As a contribution to the Illustration Friday project, I created an image for the theme of the week, clear. A rather abstract concept which admits a great variety of treatments. My concept can be related with one of the central ideas in the GTD method: keeping a clear mind, a mind as water state, with all the worries related to the organisation of your tasks safely removed from your body “RAM” and put into an efficient and trusted external system.
This illustration is made up of some forms suggesting the open space and a head taken from my Capsbats series. This is a digital image made with vectorial shapes (although these heads were originally ink drawings, prior to scanning and tracing.)
If you wish to see a bigger version, just click the picture above or this link.
The bigger version, by the way, makes a beautiful wallpaper for your computer. Use the centered setting and choose a dark blue background color, and you should enjoy the picture while having neat space on the four sides to have your desktop icons arranged.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Really communicates the mind like water idea in a colourful way.

Anonymous said...

Great picture. I would love to have a bigger version to print it out for my home office as a poster. It would nicely fit and help clear my mind.

Anonymous said...

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Sarah Hall said...

How interesting the comparison is! Our professionals are eager to help you with any writings - contact them here! The digital image made with vectorial shapes!

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